Monday, August 24, 2009

4th and 6th grade......

Here we go again :)
John's teacher is Mrs. Peerson......LOVE her !!!!
Claire's teacher is Mrs. Garrett...great teacher :)

It's going to be a GREAT year !!!!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My sweet....hearts

Many years ago, in Cambria, my little John found a heart shaped rock for me. It has sat in my kitchen window for years now. He has since found 4 more. I treasure them !!!!!! I needed to display them somehow and Tracy gave me this great idea !!! There is room too, for many more. The picture is from Hawaii, 6 years ago...also one of my favorite treasures :)

***A funny little thing....the white rock on the bottom, Claire found in Avila last weekend. John told me it has to stay far away from the ones he found....haha !!!

King Tut.......

What a GORGEOUS day in SF !!!! 75* and not a cloud in the sky !!!!
The DeYoung Museum. Love this big honkin safety pin :)

Goober :)
We just hung outside for the afternoon. Besides Santa Cruz, is there not a better place to people watch than Golden Gate park in SF !!!!

Aren't these a scream !!!!!!!!!!!

This was really a remarkable thing to see.....such history.

Love the shadow of Claire's eyelashes on her cheek. Soaking up the sun in SF :)

Long day, but so glad we went. Got to get these fun day trips in before school starts.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Avila........FUN weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our car parked in front of our beach can dream, can't they :) The 64 people tug-o-war !!!!

The biggest water balloon toss :)


Fun on the beach day.........our crew !!

Beautiful sea glass we found on the beach from our hotel.

Mr. Zinc man :)

View from our hotel. Gorgeous day !!!!!! 80* !!!

FUN trip !!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jonas Bros....EEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!

Claire, Jeanine and Audra.......FUN, FUN, FUN !!!!!!!! (Jeanine is 7 mos pregnant too)
Here are the girls making a video. They super impose the Jonas Bros into it and email it to you. Jeanine had a friend come and her daughter. They all had a BLAST !!!!
Cousin lovin' :)

Jordin Sparks was the opening act. They said she was SUPER !!!!!

Here they are.....EEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

A night to remember FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Santa Cruuuuuzzzzzz........

Sweet......Giana on the beach :) LOVE this. John in his glory....playing with Giana !!
This was the prawn tostada I had for lunch the day we got to Santa Cruz from the was TDF !!!!!!!!!!

Me and my girl ...

Claire and I on the Giant Dipper....this roller coaster ROCKS !!!!!! She screamed the entire time, but loved it ......hahaha !!!!

FUN trip.......can't wait to back next year.