Saturday, June 11, 2011

I scrapped for me !!!!!!

I cannot tell you how happy this made....just what summer vacation ordered :)

Some pages for the kids albums and a couple baby shower gifts.


Tracy said...

YEAH YOU!~! I did nearly the opposite over the here...the scrap heap that's been building in the corner of my bedroom for 6 months is now organized, clean up & cleared out! I can see the fireplace now and there is no longer a card Table set up in the Master Bedroom...Yeah Me too! I'll be motivated to scrap when I return from vacation with a new load of photos I'm pretty sure. We need a date, girlfriend!

Susan said...

not only am I happy that you scrapped, but Im so darn happy that you blogged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep checking back and nothing...:(
I seem to have gotten away from blogging with facebook, but I really missed having a place to put down my own thoughts in my own place.
Here's to scrapping and blogging about it :)

Ramona said...

I'm with Susan! I am so happy to see you both blogging and scrapping! Keep it up girl! LOVE your layouts!!!!! You have inspired me to scrap for myself as well. :)